Welcome to Vegas

The Learning Center features a variety of customer recycling stories. These customers are moving the needle in recycling across Southern Nevada including Zappos, MGM International, McCarran International Airport, CDW, Clark County School District, University of Nevada Las Vegas, Las Vegas Convention & Visitors Authority, Las Vegas Convention Center, City of North Las Vegas, and the City of Henderson.

Recycling Wall

Visitors can learn about what can be recycled and how materials are repurposed and remanufactured to make new products.

Truck Experience

Visitors can enjoy a hand’s on experience inside the cab of an actual recycling truck.

Facility workflow

The Rewards of Recycling

  • 747

    This Center processes enough aluminum every seven weeks to build a Boeing 747

  • 2M

    Pounds of materials processed through the facility per day

  • 3

    Minutes it takes the facility to process the contents of a fully loaded truck

  • 1.3k

    Number of employees working for Republic Services of Southern Nevada

Building Info

The architecture of the building was engineered using recycled and repurposed materials, and features various elements of sustainability throughout the facility.

  • Remanufactured Building

    More than 75 percent of the building is made from recycled and remanufactured steel. The natural landscape was preserved and repurposed to make aggregate for the flood channels surrounding the building. Water efficient automatic low-flow fixtures were installed to conserve water, reducing consumption by more than 20 percent. High solar reflectance index roof materials were installed to minimize heat retention in the building.

  • Capabilities

    The Southern Nevada Recycling Center serves almost 550,000 households throughout the area, including the cities of North Las Vegas, Las Vegas, Henderson, and Clark County. The Center can process 70 tons of mixed recyclables an hour and 265,000 tons a year.

  • Generates Solar

    The Center features a large photovoltaic rooftop solar energy system comprised of 1,776 panels to harness the renewable resource. The system generates 933,162 kilowatts of energy per year, which constitutes more than 15 percent of the building’s power consumption. Over the next 30 years the building’s solar energy system will offset greenhouse gas emissions equal to 38 million miles driven by local motorists.