Protect Recycling

It's the Right Thing to Do

The Problem

Prior to 2017, China was the largest consumer of recycled materials. Since then, China has established bans and imposed stringent standards to restrict the flow of recyclable material into China.

China’s ban and additional standards have caused a significant impact on recycling within the U.S. and the rest of the world while driving up costs as recyclers look for new outlets for the materials.

As recyclers search for outlets for their recovered materials, other countries that began to accept these recyclables have been quickly inundated, leading them to impose similar restrictions that mirror China’s. This has led to unforeseen cost increases and drastic decreases in commodity values.

All of this has forced some U.S. cities to dramatically cut back recycling programs, or, even worse, cancel them.

Don’t let that happen in Southern Nevada. Do your part to protect recycling.

Email your city council member now and tell them to support a plan to add an additional 74 cents a month to continue the recycling program until recycling markets recover.

Just 74 cents a month will ensure Southern Nevada recycling programs continue exactly as they are today.

Email City Council